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Campus Management oversees the facility and grounds of Crosswinds. We desire to honor the Lord through the excellent care of all He has provided, and believe it may be a testimony to those exploring faith when they see that we are generous with our time and talents as we help create a beautiful, functional, and safe environment. We invite you to join us and trust that as you pour yourself into serving the Lord, that He in turn will bless you in innumerable ways! Feel free to invite a family member, friend, or small group to serve with you. We have 7 teams to consider below.

If you’re interested in joining the Campus Management team or would like to learn more, email our Campus Management Director, Braden Hilton at or contact the church office at 585-394-5857.


Chair Team

The Chair Team is actually made up of two teams: The Chair Set-up Team and the Chair Removal Team. The Chair Set-up Team sets all the chairs up in the Ministry Center and Chapel for each weekend and the Chair Removal Team stacks the chairs and puts them away.

The Chair Set-up Team is actually 5 rotating teams. Teams 1-4 set up chairs once a month on Saturday at 8:30 AM and the 5th team serves on the 4 fifth Saturdays each year, also at 8:30 AM.

The Chair Removal Team is made up of individuals who remove chairs sometime between Sunday afternoon and 11 AM Tuesday morning.

Landscaping Team

The Landscaping Team is made up of individuals, families, and small groups who “adopt” one or more of our 27 landscaping beds around the church and spend about 30 minutes a month weeding, picking up trash, and edging. 4-6 times a year we have team workdays to care for other aspects of the landscaping like spreading mulch and caring for “orphan” beds. Refreshments are provided on these workdays.

Maintenance Team

The Maintenance Team helps with the maintenance of the campus that is not covered by the other Campus Management teams. This includes electrical, plumbing, construction, renovation, and mechanical repairs. Though we sometimes have projects that we can all work on together, the jobs often only require one person at a time who will serve when it is convenient for them and for the church.

Mowing Team

The Mowing Team is made up of individuals, couples or friends who take turns once or twice a month mowing and weed whacking all the lawns on the campus. Each week there are three people that will serve. One will mow the ball field early in the week and the other two will mow the rest and do all the weed whacking, including the ball field. Each position requires 2-3 hours.

Painting Team

The Painting Team takes care of the painting needs of the church. This also includes preparing the walls for paint, which will require some spackling and sanding. Though there will occasionally be projects that the whole team can work on together, the jobs often only require one person at a time who will serve at a time that is convenient to them and the church.

Snow Removal Team

The Snow Removal Team is made up of people who are willing to serve one or two weekends a year and be responsible to clear the sidewalks and entries of snow before, during, and after all three services on Saturday and Sunday. This will include snow shoveling and possibly spreading salt.

Window Team

The Window Team is made up of individuals, families or small groups who will normally serve one weekend a month cleaning main windows and doors and then serving together twice a year to clean all the windows in the church.