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Check out this video from our 2021 Ministry Partner Conference explaining the discipleship process

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…”
 – Jesus

In Matthew 28:19, Jesus Christ offers His Church the Great Commission to make disciples who make disciples. This is the most important purpose for any believer.

At Crosswinds, we believe that discipleship happens most effectively in one-to-one relationships. One-to-One discipleship is all about developing relational depth that leads to spiritual maturity while relying on the Word of God as our ultimate guide and source of truth. Together we can become disciples who make disciples.

For more information about getting connected in One-to-One Discipleship, contact Discipleship Director Melissa Breyette. To sign up to be a disciple or a disciplemaker, simply click the button below.

Sign Up For Discipleship!


Call the church office at 585-394-5857 or stop by Crosswinds Central before or after any of our weekend services.
Click HERE for directions, hours and contact info.