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There's no doubt that there is a uniqueness to each of our faith journeys. However, there are four crucial steps that all of us take as we grow in Christ. Crosswinds uses four "B" words to describe these steps. The first step is to BELIEVE. To begin a saving relationship with Jesus Christ, we must receive Him as our Lord and Savior. The second step is to learn what it means to BELONG. As we enter into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ, we now belong to God and His Church. The third step is to BECOME. To grow in our relationship with Christ, we need to discover what it means to mature in Him, becoming the person we have been created to be in Christ. The final step is BLESS. God calls us to partner with Him to be a blessing to others by sharing the love and message of Christ with those around us. In our series Steps, we explore this pathway and determine how to take our next step.

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