NTS Camp will be here before you know it! The student ministry at Crosswinds is beyond excited to return to Houghton College for a week long camp called “Never The Same” (NTS) from Monday, July 13 – Friday, July 17.


Over the last five years we’ve witnessed some incredible things happen that only God could have done. He continued to call students into saving relationships with Himself, He fostered and created deep meaningful friendships with Godly peers, He helped students overcome hurts, and He allowed students to gain a much better understanding of who He is. The fruit we have seen out of this camp has been incredible. That is why we are eager to go again and we are inviting all those in 6th – 12th grade to join us too!


Registration for camp is $332.00 until May 3. Later Registration is from May 4 to June 23 and is $352.00. Last minute registration is from June 29 to July 12 and is $377.00. Final payment is due two weeks before camp, June 29, or there will be a $20 late fee added. We encourage you to take advantage of the cheaper price and register and pay the initial deposit ($150), before May 3th!


To register for camp, please go to and click on Events. Choose the New York, Houghton College location, then click on “Crosswinds Wesleyan Church.” NoteYou must be the parent or legal guardian 18 years or older to complete the registration process.

You will be asked to enter student/parent information and read and “sign” the NTS Camp waiver. To complete your registration process you will need to either pay the $150 nonrefundable/nontransferable deposit or pay the entire amount. You will need to use a credit card or debit card for this (see fundraising and scholarship opportunities below!).

On a weekend service here at Crosswinds, you will find that at Crosswinds Central we have iPads that can be used to help register if needed.

Once you register, you will be sent a confirmation email stating that you have registered and paid/owe for NTS Camp. This email will include a packing list and any forms that may be required for camp.


This year, to help students get to camp, Crosswinds is excited to offer two opportunities that are available to all students who register for NTS Camp.

  1. NTS Camp Memorization Program. This is an opportunity for students to earn a $100.00 scholarship towards their trip by memorizing scripture and being an active participant in our weekend services. Following this page you will see more information about it.
  2. Coffee and NTS Cookies Fundraiser. This spring we are going to hold a coffee and cookie fundraiser at Crosswinds! All those going to NTS camp will be able to help with this. Those going to camp will be baking and decorating NTS cookies, as well as brewing some quality coffee. Our congregation will be able to donate towards your trip and enjoy some sweet treats in the process!
  3. Support Letters. We consider NTS Camp an investment to your Christian spiritual journey . Others do as well. We encourage you to write letters to families and friends explaining what you’ll be up to, and how they can partner alongside you in prayer and possibly supporting you financially.

When money is raised, or when money is earned through a scholarship, Crosswinds will be able to enter those funds directly into your NTS Camp account (you have to first be registered though).  You will be notified of it when it happens.


We want to ask you to begin to pray about this trip. Pray if this camp is something that you, your student, or perhaps even a friend should be at. Pray that God would give you clarity if you should go or not. Pray that financial means would be met. Pray that God is already preparing your hearts and those of others. Pray that God is guiding and leading the NTS staff as they prepare.


We would love to answer any questions you may have, so please do not hesitate to ask! We’re looking forward to this week and hope that if God wills it, you will be there with us!

Ask away with the questions! Email or give us a call at 585-394-5857.