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Ministry Partner Opportunities

Reaching people for Christ is what we are all about; that is why serving is so important. As a community of believers, we desire to not only know God, but to make Him known. This happens almost naturally as we serve the Lord and His creation. As we serve, we grow closer to God and, Lord willing, those we serve will grow closer to Jesus as well!

So, do you enjoy working with children? Do you find painting or building projects to be fun? Do you love being hospitable? Do you desire to see students follow Christ? Want to have a positive influence on others? These are just a few opportunities at Crosswinds where you could play a greater role in Crosswinds’ mission to know God and make Him known. Below are areas in the church where you could get plugged in. Check out the areas that interest you most, pray, and then follow the next steps to get you closer to serving with us!

If you know what area you want to serve in, click the button below to fill out a Ministry Partner Application. If you’re unsure where you’d like to serve, keep reading down the page and find your fit!

Ministry Partner Application

Kids Ministry

Having kid’s ministry for both of our services takes a lot of people serving and we are always looking for more. If you’re interested in joining the team and serving kids, click the button below and we’ll be in contact with you.
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Intermediate Ministry

Weekly Ministry Partners

Students (5th-8th Grade) will start each Sunday in the adult worship service, where they are engaged in praise and worship. Then students are released from that service and they head into their own service in The Box for the remainder of the hour. They get to hear an age-appropriate message, grow alongside their peers in connect groups, and deepen their relationship with God. We’re looking for help in many position, especially small group leaders, so if you have interest, please contact us to get involved!

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Student Ministry

Weekly Ministry Partners

Do you love and follow Jesus? Do you want to make His name known passionately and specifically to middle and high school students? Every week we meet with middle and high school students from all over the community to encourage and motivate them to grow closer to the Lord. On Wednesday evenings are when we take advantage of a high energy 2-hour program. So if you like to cook, barista, throw a football, engage in meaningful conversation, run tech, run around, write letters, design, edit video, etc. then we have opportunities for you!

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Caring Ministries

There are a variety of caring ministries that you can get involved with ranging from prayer, to support groups, to visitation. Click the button below to learn more!

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Community Life Ministries

Are you interested in joining a connect group or leading someone through discipleship? There are a number of connections you can make through our Community Life Ministries. Click the button below to learn more!

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Campus Management

Campus Management oversees the facility and grounds of Crosswinds. We desire to honor the Lord through the excellent care of all He has provided, and believe it may be a testimony to those exploring faith when they see that we are generous with our time and talents as we help create a beautiful, functional, and safe environment. We invite you to join us and trust that as you pour yourself into serving the Lord, that He in turn will bless you in innumerable ways! Feel free to invite a family member, friend, or small group to serve with you. We have the following 7 teams to consider: Chair Team, Landscaping Team, Maintenance Team, Mowing Team, Painting Team, Snow Removal Team, and Window Team.

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Safety/Security Ministry

The primary purpose of Crosswinds Safety/Security Ministry is to provide a safe secure environment for those persons who worship, praise and fellowship at Crosswinds. To maintain a peaceful, safe environment, which is conducive to teaching, learning, working and living.

The Safety/Security Team, made up of dedicated men and women, serves to protect the children, congregation, staff and Ministry Partners of Crosswinds by providing a safe environment during all church services.

We are currently looking for new members who have a calling to protect the children, congregation, staff and Ministry Partners of Crosswinds by providing a safe environment during all church services. Training will be provided for facility safety, weather emergency reactions, fire, and safety…etc. We have both women and men on our team; this could be a great opportunity for husbands and wives to serve together!

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