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The most life-changing step you can take to grow YOUR faith this year is to read God’s word faithfully with a heart to apply it to your life. Join with the Crosswinds community in reading the New Testament starting January 1. Our plan involves reading JUST 5 chapters a week, one chapter a day for 5 days using the SOAP method to read through and apply the entire New Testament!

You can start the reading plan at any point in 2024; just follow the plan on the date you begin.

     “No one ever taught me how to study the Bible until I learned SOAP.” – Missy N., Connect Group participant

     “I’m getting so much out of my Bible reading using SOAP because it reminds me not just to read the passage but to apply it and pray about it.” – Meg S., Connect Group participant

     “SOAP helps me dissect Scripture and walk away knowing I got something out of it. I feel like we’re taking a deeper dive and learning more from each other.” – David S., Connect Group shepherd

SOAP stands for Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer. It’s a great way to delve more deeply into your Bible reading and record your thoughts, emotions and connections when studying Scripture. SOAP is meant to be a journal you create with your regular Bible reading, using the process as you read each day. You can use it with any Bible reading plan or any passage of Scripture. It’s also especially beneficial to share your journey through Scripture with fellow believers in a Connect Group.

Or, share what you learn using SOAP with a friend, a few coworkers or in family devotions.

Scripture (S): Choose the passage listed from the reading plan for the day your Connect Group is meeting. Or, choose the reading that was most impactful for you during the last week.

Observation (O): The goal is that group participants have already read and worked through SOAP before meeting. Have participants share what they observed. Encourage participants to share specific details, words, or phrases that stood out to them. Utilize these SOAP observation questions to promote proper contextual study of God’s Word.

What do I learn about God?
What do I learn about others and myself?
Is there a command to follow, a promise to claim, or a sin to avoid or confess?

Application (A): Discuss how the passage applies to your lives. Consider practical ways to live out the principles or teachings found in the Scripture. Utilize these SOAP application questions to help apply the passage to your life.

Ask, “God, what should I do as a result of reading this?”
Also, ask, “How would I tell what I have learned to someone I know?”

Prayer (P): Conclude with a time of prayer. Pray for insights gained, personal applications, or any specific needs that arise from the discussion.

For more information on how to take a deeper dive into God’s word, download our 2024 SOAP Guide.

Learn More!

We have some resources for you to get started with the SOAP Method of Bible Study. Keep reading below to find out more!

Join us in reading through the entire New Testament in 2024! By reading five chapters a week, you can read the New Testament in one year. Crosswinds is doing just that in 2024! Download the reading plan using the button below and join us!

2024 SOAP Bible Reading Plan

Our Connect Groups are using the SOAP study method as we meet together in 2024. You can download or view the SOAP Bible Study Guide using the button below.

SOAP Bible Study Guide

Life is done better in circles than rows. We invite you to join a connect group. Our connect groups spend time studying God’s Word together as well as building their relationships with one another. Join a connect group and do life together!

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