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An hour service isn't long enough. Great place, great atmosphere, great people!

Tracy D.Crosswinds Attender

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Executive Leadership

Craig Cooper

Lead Pastor

Betty Ryan

Executive Pastor

Family Ministry

Ryan Samuels

Student Ministry Pastor

Erin Couillard

Kids Ministry Director

Vanessa Samuels

Kids Ministry Elementary Lead

Madison Merrill

Kids Ministry Early Childhood Lead

Worship/Tech Arts

Dave Wright

Worship Arts Pastor

Elijah Merrill

Technical Arts Director

Sheldon Boyce

Technical Arts Assistant

Community Life

Wendy Emerson

Digital Connections Pastor

Karen Busby

Caring Ministries Pastor

Melissa Breyette

Discipleship Pastor

Dave Shields

Connections Director


Becky Andrus

Office & HR Manager

Jeni Romanowicz

Administrative Support

Tim Meyers

Safety/Security Director

Dick Faben


Campus Management

Braden Hilton

Campus Management Director

Bill White

Campus Management

Josh Bowen

Campus Management

Wings Preschool

Deb Thompson

Wings Preschool Director

Michelle Soller

Wings Preschool Teacher

Kara James

Wings Preschool Teacher

Sam Apicella

Wings Preschool Teacher