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Wednesdays 6:15 – 8:30 PM

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September 29 – November 3

Thousands of years ago, God gave Israel ten commandments. The ten commandments are one of the most recognizable parts of the Bible. They were given to Israel through their leader Moses shortly after they were rescued from Egypt in the form of a covenant, an ancient form of a modern day contract. Although this was a long time ago, the ten commandments are still important today because they are moral laws. In the OT, there are three kinds of laws: civil (meant for Israel at that particular time), ceremonial (meant for the priesthood at that time), and moral (meant for all people for all time). Although they are ancient guidelines, they are still important for our lives. In the next 6 weeks, you will be interacting with each of the ten commandments & learning how important they are for your daily life as a follower of Jesus.


Soul Exercises helps to get everyone in God’s Word. In order to do this, they have four different commitment plans for each guide. All four have a target of getting us in God’s Word five out of the seven days a week. Here are the plans that students commit to (you will notice that as they advance, they build upon the previous plans):

  • Plan 1: Read the assigned verses each day and answer the daily question.
  • Plan 2: Complete Plan 1 and read the assigned chapter(s) and answer the daily question.
  • Plan 3: Complete Plan 2 and pray through the weekly prayer guide.
  • Plan 4: Complete Plan 3 and add in a spiritual discipline for the week.

How can you partner with us?

  • Find out what your student has committed to for the series and encourage them to stay the course!
  • Check in on them and ask them questions how it is going throughout the week. This will help to make sure they arrive on Wednesday prepared.
  • Remind your student(s) to bring their physical Bibles (paper) and their Soul Exercises Guide to Student Ministry each and every week.
  • Pray for your students as they meet with God often!
  • You can order a guide for yourself and join us by following along on the same reading plan.
  • You can help your student(s) memorize the weekly verse, which will be sent home weekly. (These verses are the memory verses for the NTS Camp Scholarship and will be applied towards that as well!)

Crosswinds believes in Soul Exercises and what this tool does; getting us engaged with a transformative God. When this happens, lives are significantly changed as a result of Him. Crosswinds believes so much in it, that we will be gifting Soul Exercise guides to all students throughout the year. (If a student loses their guide, we are asking for a $3.00 replacement fee.)

We know this can be confusing as we get started. Please email me with any questions at We are also excited for the year ahead and I am praying that your student(s) will grow immeasurably in the weeks and months to come.

Weekly Schedule

Wednesdays 6:15 – 8:30 PM

Every week we invite those in grades 6-12 to join us! Check in begins at 6:15pm.

Use the Atrium Entrance in Parking Lot B to enter.

This is a place for students to be themselves, make friends, have fun and continue to learn more about God and help us make Him known to the world.

Our Snack Shop will provide snacks and drinks for $.25 – $1.25 per item.  Hot dogs are served during the summer months for $1.

Soul Exercises Guides

Soul Exercises
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Why Student Ministry?

We think being in community with others who are seeking to learn more about God is crucial. No matter where you are at with God, this ministry is for you.

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