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Welcome to Wings

Our Ministry

Wings Christian Preschool, established in 1992, is a ministry of Crosswinds Wesleyan Church. Wings is committed to the highest standard of excellence by providing loving, quality learning experiences to children ages two through five, while modeling and teaching Christian principles such as love, patience, kindness, compassion, self-control, and forgiveness. Altogether, this creates a solid foundation and prepares for a child’s formal education while instilling a love of learning.

Our Purpose

At Wings, we guide and encourage children to grow socially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually by providing a loving, stimulating, enriching environment. We engage children through activities designed to encourage the use of their hands and minds. This teaching style, along with social interaction with teachers and other children, supports and enhances each child’s:

  • Creativity and expression
  • Self-confidence
  • Cooperation with others
  • Curiosity and desire for knowledge
  • Cognitive thinking and reasoning skills
  • Physical development
  • Vocabulary
  • Independence
  • Spiritual awareness of a loving God

Our Philosophy

We believe a child develops and learns best by discovery – advancing the experience of new things through interaction and play with the world around them. We use a wide variety of activities to help them explore. Our program incorporates:

  • Library, Writing, Block, Sensory, STEAM and Media Centers
  • Circle times with books, games, calendar, finger plays and songs
  • Time to paint, trace, cut and glue to create both process and product oriented artwork
  • Table top time with Math/ELA/Journal activities
  • Large Motor Skills room
  • Outdoor play area

Through these play based activities we incorporate early literacy and math skills.

Our Programs

LITTLE WINGS – A one-hour-a-week program for two-year-olds designed to promote socialization and cooperation within a group setting. It is a scaled down version of our Preschool class. Students enrolled in Little Wings need to be accompanied by a parent or caregiver.


PRESCHOOL – Our two half-day-a-week preschool class is for students ages three to five. Students are suggested to have turned three by September 1st. We have a two year curriculum for this class to allow those students able to spend multiple years with diverse units of study. Both years are geared towards three to five-year-olds with developmentally appropriate activities to meet each individual student’s needs.

Topics we explore during this program include: Apples, Colors, The Five Senses, Holidays, Space, Water, Dinosaurs, Penguins, Literature, Bugs, Plants, Transportation and more!  This class also has many special days during the year such as Apple Pie Day, Thanksgiving Celebration, Christmas Pageant and party, Mom’s Day Tea and Dad’s Day party.


PRE K – Our one-day-a-week Pre K class is for students planning to attend kindergarten the following fall. This class explores more in-depth topics with longer circle times, more involved activities and more focus on kindergarten readiness. Cooking and creating snacks is a part of each class. Each week is a different topic that is science, social studies or literature based.

Topics covered include: My School, Farms, Owls, Spiders, The Rainforest, Voting, Presidents, The Gingerbread Man, Eric Carle’s books, the Little Red Hen and many others. This class is usually combined with the regular Preschool class to be a third session each week.

KINDERGARTEN PREP – Our two afternoon Kindergarten Prep classes are for those students who want more and will be going to kindergarten the following fall. Usually combined with our above two classes this class would allow for five sessions a week. This class is structured into Journal time, Circle times, small group ELA and Math groups as well as project time.

During ELA group students develop literacy skills needed for reading and writing through alphabet and print awareness. During Math groups students work to develop Number concepts, relationships and operations as well as explore patterns, geometry and spacial sense.  We provide developmentally appropriate activities and games to help each student master these early skills.

Preschool Enrollment

Click the button to download our Preschool Registration Form (Please note there is a $100 non-refundable registration fee):

Wings Preschool Registration Form

Automatic Tuition

Interested in easy automatic tuition payments? If so, download our Automatic Tuition Form here:

Preschool Automatic Tuition Form

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