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Wired From Birth

By May 10, 2021No Comments
I have enjoyed studying temperaments, personalities, gifts, abilities, and love languages, and the sort for years. I believe it’s important for us to know ourselves and others, especially as believers called to love and bear with one another. It might appear like psychology rather than theology. However, understanding our unique wiring is at the heart of our relationship with God and others. God desires us to love Him holistically and love others with a Christ kind of love (Matt 22:37-39). Therefore, discovering our temperament, personality, gifts, and abilities is not only a wise idea but is a necessary part of loving God and doing life well with others.
It’s amazing to think that we have been created uniquely before we were born. We have been wired from birth. The psalmist declares, “I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well” (Ps 139:14). This verse makes me marvel over the mysterious process of a developing baby. The miracle of childbirth and life is quite remarkable.
The word translated “wonderfully made” is a Hebrew word with an unusual spelling that carries the idea of God making a distinction between one person and another. Isn’t that the truth? My wife Krista and I have three kids, and each is so very different. Sure, there are some similarities, but they are each unique. It’s their uniqueness that makes parenting both challenging and so extraordinary.
I have often joked that it would have been helpful if each child came with an instruction manual. I know the Bible has much to say about parenting. I mean a booklet instructing me how to apply the principles of Scripture to each child. The principles of Scripture are constant, but each of my three children has different temperaments and personalities. It is an incredible thing, and I cherish each of them in their uniqueness. What I have discovered as a husband, parent, well, a human being, for that fact, is becoming more familiar with my wiring and that of others allows for a healthier and more vibrant connection with everyone around me.
Psalm 139:14 also affirms that God set His special love upon each of us from the earliest stages of personal life. In a genuine sense, all of us are cherished by God. We may not always feel like it, but God, our Good Father, cares deeply for us. It can be hard to recognize this as a fallen person who lives in a fallen world. However, He proved it by sending His one and only Son to die for our sins and be resurrected for our salvation. He hasn’t just told us He loves us, God demonstrated it, and He did so that we might be connected with Him throughout eternity.
God knows us completely. He knows the good, the bad, and the ugly, and it does not in any way diminish His love for us. One of the tremendous blessings of walking with Christ is having His Spirit do the work of redeeming me. This redemption certainly impacts my life from today into eternity. Yes, I am left speechless with gratitude for the great blessing of salvation and the eternal life I have in Christ. This would be enough for me to live a daily life in worship of our God. However, being in Christ offers the Christ-follower even more. It includes the transformation of my inner wiring. He invites me to enter into the Spirit’s ongoing work of transforming me from the inside out into my true self (see: Rom 12:1-2). I am not perfect, but being perfected by my gracious God who loves me and has given me life and life everlasting.
Interestingly, God calls us to love others with a God kind of love. This love is a selfless, serving others kind of love. This is made possible by being connect to Christ and enhanced as we learn about our unique wiring and that of others. Perhaps, the study of temperaments, personalities, gifts, and abilities, and love languages, and the sort is more than psychology and actually deep theology. Such a study is worthy of our attention. Soli Deo Gloria (Glory to God Alone)!

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